fixed gear bike

17 Apr

i started this as a project because it is my dream to build bikes. doing this build has made me realize just how much i love them and want to build them i started with a frame from an online source because i do Imagenot have the equipment to put steel or aluminum together at home. once i had the frame i put alexrims wheels with bontrager all weather race tires on. bought a fizik aliante seat and a thomson seat post. i used handle bars from a junk bike that had the nice compact size and old school bends in it and threw on some lizard skins bar tape. i am officially in love with this bike. its just fun to ride around town. here in eastern VA its flatter then a pancake so the only climbing done on the bike are bridges so i have a pretty heavy duty gear ratio set up but as i said i love it its a great and fun way to get around and i always get comments and questions on it. however for those of you who do not know fixed gear bikes do not have brakes. intersections and traffic lights have been pretty fun dangerous but fun.


Spring has sprung

17 Apr

2013-01-30_04-11-52_213here in virginia spring is here and i am loving the warmer weather. i have been wearing castelli bib shorts on my morning rides which are really early. i am loving it i am also astonished at these bib shorts i did not think blowing that kind of money on them would be worth it but i will gladly say i was so wrong. its like riding on a cloud and a badass cloud at that i will be getting some more hopefully soon and wearing them at this years tour de cure. next review will be on the fixed gear bike build and riding it.



17 Apr


11 Apr

Possible the worst online tool to use when I first got on there it was great I never had a problem and then with there most recent”upgrade” it has become absolute garbage. I recommend either strava which is a dream or just getting one of the computers or watches to track your mileage. If you are like me and you like knowing climbs and roads and what not before you head out some days. I would just use a paper map or google maps if you want to stick with the electronics theme. Bottom line this was a little rant about how outstanding strava GPS tracking can be. on that note however, i dont think anyone really needs strava premium its a pretty pointless thing you have to pay for to set goals and really all it does is show you another graph. pretty pointless right? 

Tour De Cure

11 Apr

I will be riding this years Tour De Cure in the Hampton roads area. The Tour De Cure is ADA (American Diabetes Association) sponsored event and is has 10, 30, 65, and 100 mile events I will be going all out for the 100 miler. Obviously from the name you can get that this is an event to help fight diabetes and the shitty things that comes from it. If you care to donate to the cause or to get more information about it here is a link to my page

Cannondale CAAD 8 Sora

10 Apr

This is a great entry level bike i have been riding mine for over a year now and love it. It is responsive through corners and when you want to put the hammer down. The only problem you may find with it is the components. Realistically i cannot even complain about them because the price point of the bike. However, I will be slowly replacing the old with better ones and documenting it and then using them towards a build project i will also document. I hope you like the blog and posts.Image